Tenor GIF Bot in Facebook Messenger launches today

Add Captions to personalize your GIF message, build a go-to collection of Tenor GIF Favorites, and find the perfect GIF to express yourself all within Facebook Messenger’s new BOT platform

Tenor GIF Keyboard is a new bot now available on the new Facebook Messenger Bot platform introduced at today’s F8 conference. Communicate your thoughts or feelings with the perfect GIF that gets your point across better than words ever could in a one-on-one or group Messenger chat.

GET STARTED: Launch Tenor GIF Keyboard from the new Facebook Messenger Bot tray.

Say it better with a Tenor GIF:

  1. Search for the perfect GIF or explore trending searches and GIFs.

  2. Favorite it to build a go-to collection of Tenor GIFs that reflect your moods and style.

  3. Add captions to personalize your message.

  4. Share Tenor GIFs directly in 1:1 or group chats within Facebook Messenger.

Today’s launch of Tenor GIF Keyboard on the new Messenger Bot platform builds on our long-standing relationship with Facebook, which we kicked off in July 2015 with the introduction of Tenor GIF-sharing in Messenger. We’re now taking advantage of Facebook’s new Bot platform and making it even easier to share GIFs in your conversations with friends and family – the full Tenor experience is available with no app install required.

To check it out, open Tenor GIF Keyboard Bot from the new (+) tray, or search for Tenor GIF Keyboard Bot inside Facebook Messenger.

The Tenor GIF Keyboard Bot experience inside Facebook Messenger:





More than 200 million people each month use Tenor to add tone to their mobile messaging conversations by adding GIFs that visually communicate their thoughts and feelings -- better than words ever could. We process more than 200M mobile search requests daily and have used this data to build the Tenor Emotional Graph, which powers our GIF Keyboard app and GIF sharing for partners including Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Gboard, Kik, LinkedIn, TouchPal and others. Learn more about becoming a Tenor GIF API partner here.

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